Type 1 Diabetes and Gluten Free Diet

Find out all about type 1 diabetes and gluten free weight loss diet and how effective it could be.

Video Transcript

hello dr. vicki peterson here I wanted to talk to you today about a study that was just released this week from the british medical journal and it had to do with a young boy he was five years old and 10 months exactly a little under six and he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and two to three weeks after the diagnosis he was started on a gluten-free diet now he was checked for celiac disease and he did not have it we don’t know the background as to why it was decided to put them on a gluten-free diet regardless but the outcome was certainly worth it because this young man his blood values showing that he had diabetes completely normalized on a gluten-free diet and he never took any insulin he was followed for 20 months almost two years and he still never needed any insulin so this isn’t magic and it’s not unheard of we know that silly act disease is an autoimmune disease we know that type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease we know that autoimmune diseases have in common issues with the small intestine allowing substances to get out into the bloodstream which then prompts the immune system to get into an auto destruct mode we so we know that the the gut has an underlying root cause at least in some autoimmune diseases we know that silly a can type 1 diabetes actually share some common genetics so there is a high correlation between the two so with this young man we know that his silly ACT test was negative so does he really have celiac disease or not we don’t know tests are not perfect perhaps he truly doesn’t have celiac disease and he’s gluten-intolerant he’s definitely intolerant to gluten because that was the only treatment he was given his type 1 diabetes reversed so my point here is a and certainly the researchers made this point as well was that there are absolutely no side effects to initiating a gluten-free diet and the repercussions were certainly marvelous so my plea is that we spread this information and talk to your doctors talk to your friends imagine how many young people really change their lives i mean think about the side effects of of diabetes it’s it’s a horrible horrible disease you can lose your eyesight you can lose your limbs kidney function it’s not a kind disease to the human body and especially it’s typically children who are diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and imagine the change in this young man’s life and and how many others could be affected so we can get out there and do that grassroots movement has that I love to talk about and share the information about this it was just June twenty-first out of the British Medical Journal and certainly information that’s very important to know and to share and maybe we can make a big difference in many people’s lives so worth it to get tested for celiac disease with type 1 diabetes and according to this study probably worth it to institute a gluten-free diet whether the test comes out positive or not just to see how your numbers do alright i hope this was helpful and until next time I wish you very good help